Thursday, June 12, 2014


Let's Let in Some Light, here.

Open Letter to Tom Mulcaire:

I have been a supporter of the CCF and NDP for over 50 years, and am currently a monthly contributor. I am shocked by the leadership handling of the current crisis regarding misuse of parliamentary funds (alleged). To keep my loyalty, here's what you ought to do: 1) Announce immediately that the NDP will pay the costs as calculated by the internal economy committee - under extreme protest. 2) Pay to the House of Commons and Canada Post the amounts named immediately. 3) Appeal to the membership to cover the costs with additional donations (I hereby pledge $500.00 that I absolutely can't afford) and begin seeking a court determination of the legality of the payments.
I can pretty safely predict that the spotlight will then shift to the other parties' use of parliamentary advertising. I can also pretty safely predict that given the above, donations will cover the payments in 24 hours and membership will increase substantially. If you don't do this, we'll be held up for months as the party that won't pay back to taxpayers what they owe. Tom, please abandon this "everybody does it defense" and get us back to higher ground.
George Epp
Sask NDP member # 233695

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