Tuesday, March 27, 2007

On the Way Home

Little Colorado River, Cameron, AS --------Southern Utah

The Grand Canyon, AZ---------------Church of the Cross - Sedona, AZ

It's nearly summer in Arizona, and in Utah. Now, in Helena, Montana, it's rainy and cold and we're expecting snow tomorrow. The hills around Butte were already covered in fresh snow. Rosthern promises us a taste of late winter. Carlsbad - when we left - was 80+ F and we were turning on the air conditioner in midday. Why am I surprised by the vagaries of weather?

Utah is wonderfully various, especially in colour. Rocks vary in colour from near green, to pink, to red and back again. I'd never been to Utah before; probably never will be again.

I've always associated Utah with all things Mormon, and it was a strange coincidence that the the leader and prophet of the fundamentalist group in the church that practice polygamy confessed to his brother (from jail) that he was a sinner and had attained the status of prophet by plotting and not by calling. A talk show host was trying to solicit comments from the Mormon community on what this confession would mean. You will certainly find out all about this in the news.

We dashed from Nephi, Utah through Idaho to where we are now in the Holiday Inn in the capital of Montana. Helena, today a rainy little city with snow promised for tomorrow. We're within one long day of Edmonton, our last stop before Rosthern.

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  1. Welcome Home George and Agnes:

    I have been reading your blog since you left Sask. Wish I can have the similar kind of mission and adventure that you have.

    Blessings, ~fion