Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Almost "Home"

They finally let us out of Pueblo, NM yesterday and now we've got an hour or so of clear sailing into Carlsbad after driving packed snow and ice most of yesterday, average speed for a few hours around 40 kph. We're expecting +60 today for our grand entrance into Carlsbad. A great day for doing copious laundry, finding some groceries and settling into a space purported to be a little smaller than our office at home (8 X 24). We're obviously now in football (bowl) country. Even the newspaper funnies are about "bowl season." Every night there's another bowl game on. How many universities does the US have - with first class football teams, that is? Central NM is a vast uninhabited plain and we thought about people who talk about traveling through Saskatchewan as if it were a dash through nowhere. They need to drive from Santa Fe to Roswell sometime. We'll be dependent on the library net for awhile I expect, but we'll try to keep you all updated. Feel free to reply to anything you read.

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