Sunday, December 17, 2006

Limericks, Haiku

Last month, the Rosthern Writiers' Group of which I am a member set themselves an assignment to write linericks and Haiku. Here is my offering in that regard. (Caution: The following material contains scenes which may be suggestive. Parental guidance is recommended. These scenes appear here bacause it is virtually mandatory that the limerick, particularly, verge on the nearly naughty.) Please request permission to reprint from


a misty dream of

feathery snow drifts silently

through shivering branches

Limerick #1

So where did you get the temerity

To question my right to prosperity?

I’ve worked like a horse

Since a young man, of course

(And I’ve practiced accounting dexterity.)

Limerick #2

A competitive dancer from Fripper

Was renowned for her delicate slipper

When a rival showed up

In pursuit of the cup

She said, “No sweat, I’m sure to outstripper.”

Limerick #3

A slender young woman from Rhiens

Fed only on yogourt and greens

When a friend said, “I’d beg

For so shapely a leg!”

She replied, “Well it’s all in the jeans!”

Limerick #4

It’s said when a pretty psychologist

Was harangued by a verbious morphologist

That she sneered, “All your words

Are quite ‘for the birds.’”

And now he’s a sad ornithologist.

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